20 November 2009

Artist Study: Piet Mondrian

Here's what we did during our Piet Mondrian unit study...

Put up Mondrian Wall
Spied some Modrian art in Squeaking of Art, The Mice Go to the Museum and Anna's Art Adventure

Began art lesson from Masterpiece of the Month by drawing grid lines with a yardstick,

tracing them with a glue and black paint mixture,
filling in spaces, and numbering the work. (Notice the tiny #1 at the top center?)
Used electrical tape (much quicker and less messy, yet no less inspired!) to create another Mondrianesque work of art:
Used primary colors to paint a picture of a flower, inspired by Mondrian's Amaryllis.Our own little Amaryllis was inspired to create all on her own as well!


  1. Wonderful! One of these days we'll get to Mondrian. There are so many amazing artists to study. :-)

  2. Using electrical tape is an awesome idea! I can't wait to try this with my daughter. I got her several art books for Christmas and hope to do some more fine art inspired projects in the upcoming months.