31 March 2010

Losing Focus

The same thing happened last year right around this time.  I get caught up in the book lists and projects, adding way too many things to our to-do list, going on too many field trips, and generally running us all ragged.
I need to simplify. 

I need to stop feeling obligated to read every book that is recommended in our history and science curriculum.

I need to be selective and use our time wisely.

I need to stop planning far-away nature outings and spend some time in our own backyard.

I need to breathe.

I need to remember that even though the things we're doing are good, there can definitely be too much of a good thing.

I need to enjoy this week of spring break, and come back refreshed and renewed, prepared to finish our school year well.

I pray the same refreshment for you.

10 March 2010

Thank you, Arnold!

A few years ago, back when I was a classroom teacher, my school took part in the Governor's Reading Award Program.  Our students did a great job reading books, and we got some neato t-shirts.  Or so I thought. 

Now, I've been wearing this shirt for several years, and never ever noticed the spelling mistake!  Yes, the mistake on the Governor's Reading Award shirt.


Hi, I'd like to sign my students up for the Recognition of Irony Reading Program.  Thank you.

09 March 2010

Critter Update

See those tiny little yellow things in a cluster?  They're ladybug eggs!  It looks like our little ladybug friend is going to be a mama!  It will be exciting to watch and observe them!

08 March 2010

Joan Miro Resources

Miro pictures that we studied on our art wall:

Miro: Earth and Sky (Art for Children)


JOAN MIRO - Constellations: The Color of Poetry
(also available from Netflix)

Miro-inspired art projects:

I got a bit inspired, too!

Joan Miro Art Projects:

06 March 2010

New Free Resource

Are you familiar with Lesson Pathways?  They are a formerly subscription-based educational resource that is now completely free!  You can use Lesson Pathways as a complete curriculum or pick and choose the links available by grade or subject.  And now it's free!  I think I'll be turning to this site often to look for resources.

05 March 2010

The Critters

You know you homeschool when the number of critters living in your home start to outnumber the people. 

Meet Betty the Beta fish,
our three painted ladies in their brand-new chysalides,
and a lovely little ladybug feasting on aphids.
And of course Lily, the dog.
Other temporary visitors have included earthworms, mealsworms, and a ziploc bag of snails, who were recently misplaced somewhere in my home. 


I hope that I am not the one to receive the honor of finding that bag.