06 March 2010

New Free Resource

Are you familiar with Lesson Pathways?  They are a formerly subscription-based educational resource that is now completely free!  You can use Lesson Pathways as a complete curriculum or pick and choose the links available by grade or subject.  And now it's free!  I think I'll be turning to this site often to look for resources.


  1. Thanks for the information...I will use this resource! I am a homeschool mom (7 years) and I love it especially language arts; however, I am not a math person and my 12 year old dd and I are at a loss as to which math program to persue next. I need something easy to teach with repetition. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much, Liz

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about LessonPathways.com! Please feel free to drop by our user forums, blog or Facebook page for more fun.

    If you have any questions, please drop me a line at ContactUs@LessonPathways.com. :-)