17 May 2010

Homeschool Chic with Books

I love books.


I have a library card.  My daughter has a library card.  The limit on each card is 30 books.  There are times when we can't check any more books out.

Do you realize what that means?

I love books.

I also have a two-year old. 

He also loves books, but he loves books in a different way than I do.  He loves to walk on them and throw them, and sometimes lick them.  Why else do they put pictures of food in books?  He's learning.  But I still don't necessarily trust him around 60 a lot of library books.

Many of the books we borrow are specifically for "school" so I want them to visible and accessible rather than shoved away in a drawer, protected, but unused.

My solution to this dilemma will never make it into Better Homes and Garden or the Decorating Hall of Fame.  I use my fireplace mantel as a book display.  It keeps the books up and inaccessible to a 2-year old, but visible, accessible,and even appealing for a 6-year old and sometimes a 4-year old.

And really, is decorating with books so bad?


  1. I LOVE it! I wish I had a mantle to display our lots and lots of library books!

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  3. It's a great idea, especially since when you're ready for a new "look," you just go back to the library. :)

  4. Very clever! We have an old wire basket for our library books. It works well, but I don't have a 2-year-old anymore. (Sigh.)

    Peace to you,