27 October 2009

Book of the Week: Color Dance

Usually I let my kids choose their library books, but Color Dance jumped out at me (isn't the cover beautiful?) and I had to check it out. I wish I had known about this book last year when we did a theme unit on color. It would have been a great resource!

In this book, dancers twirl about with different colored scarves making all kinds of beautiful new colors. Color mixing is introduced, but goes beyond the basic red + blue =purple. There's also aquamarine, vermillion, magenta, and chartreuse. (So that's what chartreuse is!)

After reading this book, you might feel a bit inspired, so have some paint on hand for some color-mixing experiments of your own.

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1 comment:

  1. This book looks really good. I"ll have to look for it. We love reading color books. Recently, we checked out Ruth Heller's Color from the library. It's another good color mixing book with clear pages you overlap to see how colors mix in the printing process.