17 August 2009

Colors Theme Unit


Make your own rainbow using the garden hose.
We experimented with color mixing. Add a drop each of two different colors of paint into a ziplock bag and then squished until a new color formed.
We observed the results and wrote a math sentence.

We used our color mixing bags in our first self-created and designed lapbook:

Social Studies:

Colors can be symbolic. Think of some colors that represent different things.

Red, white, and blue = United Stated of America

Red=stop, green=go, yellow=slow.

Green=nature or environment

Also school colors, sports teams, other nations, etc.


Read the story of Noah's Ark in Genesis 6-9.

Memory Verse:

Genesis 9:13


Make a tissue paper rainbow.

Learn about primary colors and look at Piet Mondrian's work. Make your own Mondrian inspired art!

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