10 August 2009

Tidepools Theme Unit

This was our first on-the-road unit and our first unit with a lapbook. We worked on the lapbook before we went on our trip and it definitely took longer than I expected, but Gracie loved it! So between the lapbook and the field trips we didn't have a lot of time for much else, but I think we covered the topic pretty well!

House for a Hermit Crab Lapbook from Homeschool Share
Field Trips:
Birch Aquarium is a great place to explore sea life in a controlled environment. They have a hands on tidepool full of amazing little creatures. We also enjoyed the huge tank they have that makes you feel like you're underwater.

Bible: Jonah and the whale, of course!

Memory Verse: Psalm 93:4


  1. The tidepool pic is so precious! I still love searching for animals in tidepools.

  2. What a great unit--I love tidepools! I just found your blog and have had fun looking around--I'm your newest follower!


  3. Hi Beth,
    Right when I started reading your Blog I was asking myself: Why did I not think about THAT !!!! We live in San Diego as well and would have tons of resources, like you mentioned the Birch Aquarium (which we usually visit on their Homeschool Day) La Jolla Beach etc. the List is endless and imagin, I never thought of studying it all.. so anyway great great Idea !!! thanks for the enlightenment lol.

    God Bless !!