03 August 2009

Pumpkins Theme Unit



Estimate how many pumpkin seeds are in a pumpkin. Open one up, scoop out the seeds and count them. Don't forget to roast the seedsto eat later!

Estimate how much a pumpkin weighs and then check your guess on a scale. You can do this easily at the grocery store.

Get a ruler or tape measure and find out how tall, wide, and round your pumpkin is.


Learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin. Here's a great little project that we used.

Make a cute little jack-o-lantern,and pull out the stem to see
all the stages of a pumpkin's life cycle!

Make observations about your pumpkin. Here's an observation sheet to help.

Plant a pumpkin seed and care for it. Keep a journal and observe the changes.

Social Studies:

We read What Columbus Found: It Was Orange, It Was Round which perfectly connected our pumpkin unit to our previous unit on Columbus. Good chance to review.

Make a picture map of how a pumpkin gets from the pumpkin patch to the table as a pie. Who helps it along the way? You can include a farmer, truck driver, grocery store clerks, baker (be it mom, grandma, or a professional!), and others.

If timely, discuss the origins of holidays such as Halloween or Thanksgiving in which the pumpkin plays a traditional part.


Write a letter to someone inviting them over for pumpkin pie! And don't forget to bake the pie!


Read the story of Elisha and the Poison Pumpkin in 2 Kings 4:38-41. Think about how God provides food for you. (Money to buy it, a garden to grow it, a stove to cook it, etc.)

Memorize Psalm 111:5.

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  1. I love this entire unit! Thank you for all of the great links!