16 January 2010

Saturday's Quote

Charlotte Mason had much to say about time outdoors:
"Let me repeat, that I venture to suggest not what is practicable in any household, but what seems to me absolutely best for the children; and that in the faith that mothers work wonders once that are convinced what is demanded of them.  A journey of twenty minutes by rail or omnibus, and a luncheon basket, will make a day in the country possible to most town-dwellers:  and if one day, why not many, even every suitable day?"
                                                                                                                   Charlotte Mason from "Home Education"

So instead of asking why we should go outside, we should rather ask ourselves why not?  It can seem that there is simply no time with all the reading and math and worksheets and projects, but it is such valuable time, and so much good comes from it.  We should make it a goal to spend more time outside, rather than less. 

I'm excited to be making my way through these books.  Watch for more bits of wisdom as I come across them!

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