19 January 2010

Seminar highlights

I went to great seminar a while ago presented by Carole Joy Seid.  I was encouraged by the wonderful ideas presented.  I wish I had time to go into more depth, but a list of bullet points will have to suffice to keep them in my memory.

  • Think about what is the best thing for your child, not your ego.  (More on that here.)
  • It is vital to have books (and I would add educational resources) available to your children.  "Provide them with a banquet of book."  I love that!
  • Teach them to love books before teaching them how to read.
  • Keep reading as a treat, not a chore.
  • Christian biographies are are a great and underused resource.
  • Media is a powerful thing that we should get rid of!
  • Spend some time at the end of the day getting the "castle ready for the king."
  • Teach children to have a strong work ethic.
  • Go outside with your childen.
  • Relax!  There's plenty of time to teach them Latin and poetry and grammar and geometry and all the other things you want them to know.
Carole is great speaker and encourager.  If you have an opportunity to hear her speak, don't miss it!

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