23 July 2010

Curriculum 2010-2011

Calvary Chapel Bible Curriculum
We left off in the middle of 2 Kings and should make it to the middle of Acts.
Simply Charlotte Mason's Scripture Memory System
I will be consistent about this this year.

Saxon Math 2 and 3
We are midway through Math 2, so we should begin Math 3 sometime during the year.
Daily Word Problems, Grade 2
We used this last year, and it proved to be a good supplement for solving word problems.

Language Arts:
Independent Reading
Explode the Code/Book Seven & Explode the Code/Book Eight
While the series has been great, I'll be glad when we've finished these last 2 books and move on to other things.
First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind (Vol. Levels 1 & 2)
Love this book!
Wordly Wise 3000 Grade 2
We'll start this when we're finished with Explode the Code.
Writing Strands Level 2
We haven't really focused very much on writing yet, just a bit of copywork.  I hope this curriculum will work well for us.  Anyone have experience with it?
Cursive Writing
Peer pressure has motivated my daughter to want to learn cursive, which I am more than happy to oblige.
Dictionary Skills
This should be a light supplement we'll use occassionally.
English from the Roots Up, Vol. 1
Am I biting off more than I can chew?  Maybe...

R.E.A.L. Science Earth and Space (Level One)
I'm excited about this!  And I've gotten so many supplemental resources like rock kits, field guides, books, and scopes that it should be impossible not to have fun while learning science this year!

Social Studies:
The Story of the World 2: The Middle Ages: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance
Gracie loved volume 1, so I think volume 2 will be a hit as well.

Nature, Artist, Composer, Hymn, Poetry, and Handicrafts:
We'll focus on one area/person per 6 week term, covering 6 of each (but only 3 poets) during the year.  I'm planning to schedule each subject once every two weeks.  Come back on Monday for more specifics on who and what we're studying in these areas.

For lots more curriculum and planning posts, go to today's Weekly Wrap-Up post at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. Looks like a grat year. We love FLL here. We're on level 4 and it keeps getting better.

  2. We love Calvary Chapel! We packed as much as we could into one school year last year.

    FLL was not a good match for my firstborn, and I was so disappointed! I'm saving it for my middle, who has a totally different personality. :)

    We are still plodding through SOTW Vol I. Do you do the activities in the activity book along with your reading?

  3. Amy, it was definitely a challenge to fit it all of SOTW 1 into one year! We do some of the activities, but not all. Sometimes I used other relevant activity books like Evan-Moor's History Pockets (Greece & Rome) or Edupress's Hands-on Heritage Activity Books (Greece & Rome) if they're more interesting or involve a bit less preparation! =)

  4. Looks great! We've loved the free Calvary Chapel bible pages in the past.

  5. WOW what a great year ahead of all of you!

  6. You've got some great things on your list! We loved FLL and we still use and love that scripture memory system. We're using REAL Science Odyssey for the first time this year. I'm really excited about it.