21 July 2010

Relaxed and Refreshed

What a nice break that was!  Everyone should be able to take a month off.  I honestly did not think about school or planning or any of that for the entire month!

So what did I do?

Unfortunately I'll have to tell you rather than show you, since we're having some technical difficulties with cameras and computers (although the solution is in the mail even now). 

Our days have been busy with camping, VBS, trips to the beach, lazy days at home and lastly a few days at CHEA, our area homeschool convention.  CHEA was just what I needed to give me some motivation and break out the book lists and planners again.  Less than 5 weeks left.  Still enough time for some more summer fun in between planning session!

On another note, if you're new to or just considering the Charlotte Mason or are just trying to make heads or tails out of narration and copywork, you absolutely must read Wildflowers and Marbles' series on Charlotte Mason Language Arts.  It is chock full of great information.  I still need to reread it a few more times so everything sinks in.  Those posts are definitely going into my favorites so I can refer back to them when I need a little inspiration.

Oh, and I've finally got a new look!  I've been wanting to do something different to my blog for forever.  Click through and tell me what you think!

Enjoy those last few weeks of summer!

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