10 February 2010

The Addition/Subtraction Connection

Over the course of this year, Gracie's been working on learning addition and subtraction facts.  Addition, seemed to be pretty straightforward for her, but subtraction proved to be a bit trickier.  Several strategies have helped her understand the addition/subtraction connection.

1.  Subtraction as reverse addition

Show how the digits of an addition fact such as 1 + 2 = 3 (1 2 3)can be written in reverse order (3 2 1).  Put in a subtraction sign and an equal sign to get a subtraction fact (3 -2 = 1).

2.  Writing equations

Give your child the three digits of an addition problem.  Have your child write 2 addition and 2 subtraction problems using only those 3 digits.

3.  Three-cornered flashcards

These flashcards can be used for addition or subtraction practice.  Each card has the three numbers of a fact family.  Cover one corner up with your finger and figure out the missing number.  (Multiplication and division are shown, but addition and subtraction are also available.)

Three-Corner Flash Cards - Multiplication and Division

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