17 February 2010

Guess the Number

Lately we've been playing a great little math game in the car.  It's actually a lot like the Clock Game from the Price is Right, but without the time limit.  I choose a number between one and 1000.  She tries to deduce the number by making guesses, and I tell her bigger or smaller.  She's starting to figure out how to choose her gueses wisely, rather than guessing consecutive numbers.  Little sister often chimes in, but her guess is almost always 64. 

You can adapt this by choosing a greater or smaller range of numbers, depending on your child.   You could add a challenge by using a time limit.  Or switch things up by having your child choose the number, and they tell you if your guesses are higher or lower.

This is just a fun way to get a little more fun math in your diet and a great way to make a car trip go little faster.


  1. Very good idea, Beth. thanks for sharing. My family is not much into numbers so this I think will make learning Maths more fun for my littlest homeschooler.


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