08 February 2010

Art Co-op

Our little homeschool group met at my house in January.  It came up rather quickly after the holidays, so I thought art would be a fun but easy-to-plan theme to explore.  After worship and sharing time, we started by reading Mouse Paint and followed the mice's example by doing some paint mixing in ziploc bags.  A drop of yellow paint, a drop of red in a bag.  Seal it up.  Squish.  And a new color magically appears!  This was great for our little kids (3) and our biggest kids  (2nd grade).  Sometimes finding activities for all the kids can be challenging, but this one was a hit all around!

Mouse Paint
We had three centers where the kids could spend as much or as little time as they wanted.

Station 1:  First we had Jackson Pollock inspired marble painting.  A few blobs of paint on some paper in a box (like one from a flat of cans).  Add a marble or two, and make the marbles roll all over the place.

Station 2:  We had some Piet Mondrian inspired art with primary colors finger paint, black markers, rulers and electrical tape. 
Station 3:  Plenty of magazines and scissors were available to make some collage art. 

When all the kids were done we had quite an art collection drying in the sun!

And of course plenty of mess!


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