05 May 2009

Artist Study: Jackson Pollock

We did our second artist study on Jackson Pollock. We displayed some of his art (Stenographic Figure, Untitled, White Light, and Blue Poles) on the classroom/office door to let it soak in (unbeknownst to them).
We read Jackson Pollock (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists) and Jackson Pollock (Great Artists)
to get to know a little bit more about his work and life. We didn't get to in-depth here, since he did not live a happy, G-rated life.

We watched Jackson Pollock (Artists of the 20th Century) through Netflix. The last time watched one of these movies it was a little long and boring for Gracie, so we tweaked it a bit in a way that was much more effective. I muted the sound and we watched it at 4x normal. It eliminated all the narration, which was definitely not kindergarten level information, but we were able to see the art that was presented and talk about as it was shown on the screen at a more appropriate pace. This was so effective that Gracie was immediately inspired to go create her own art. She learned how Pollock numbered rather than titled much of his work, thus, I present #2:
We're choosing our artists from Masterpiece of the Month, but we tweaked the Pollock project a bit. We began by putting a piece of paper in a flat box with edges on all sides. We used marbles and began by dipping the marble into the paint then rolling the marble around on the paper in the box. After a while she tried putting blobs of paint on the paper and then let the marbles spread it around. Here's a similar project. Lots of fun, still pretty messy, but a more contained mess, thank you very much!

The final product...

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