01 May 2009

Earth Day Week in Review

Earth day was a great theme for us! Some highlights were taking care of our earth by cleaning up the trash at a local and sadly neglected park. Look at all the trash we found!

We also made some homemade paper. As an after thought Gracie added some petals on the wet paper, but they didn't really adhere. Next time we'll put petals into the wet pulp before we press it dry.

Gracie raided the recycle bin to repurpose a cardboard box into a beautiful treasure box!

We went to an earth day fair at the library where we saw a great puppet show. The most amazing thing about it was that all the puppets were made from repurposed or reused materials. There was a fish from an old sushi mat and simple little butterflies made from tiny pieces of plastic bag tied to the end of an old metal clothes hanger. So simple, but such a cool effect!

Our caterpillars arrived! They just began forming their cocoons yesterday. Very exciting to see the changes right before our eyes!
Our paper mache globe started out great, until little brother tried to throw it around like a ball. We've done some repair, but in our house, the earth IS flat...at least partially. I think that project is officially over.

We made blue and green earths with coffee filters and watercolors. Amaryllis is always proud to show off her work!

On an un-Earth Day note, Gracie was excited to finally get to play with the tangrams from our Saxon math manipulative kit.

We printed out some tangram puzzles that should keep Gracie busy for quite a while.

We finally finished our Jackson Pollock artist study. Read more about that here.
Gracie learned "to not use much electricity or there might be a fire. It's good to take care of the earth."

This probably seems like a lot for one week. Well, it wasn't. We spend 2 weeks on a theme, so this is a review of the last TWO weeks. I am NOT supermom. You can see plans for this theme here.

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