20 April 2009

Earth Day plans

Monday: The continents
Label outline map of continents.
Practice learning continents.
Begin to make paper mache earth.

Tuesday: Pollution
Read The Lorax .
Identify different types of pollution (air, water, etc.)
Watch the Lorax movie.
Compare and contrast movie vs. book.

Wednesday: The 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Make homemade paper.
Take a trash walk (to pick up litter).
Analyze our recycling bin and brainstorm creative uses for items. Be prepared for some recycled art projects. Let this inspire you.
Earth Day activities at the library.

Thursday: Bible Story
Read Genesis 1.
Make creation book.
Practice sequencing the days of creation using index cards with keywords or pictures.
Memorize Genesis 1:1

Friday: Energy
Discuss the different types of energy used in a home.
Be an energy detective and find energy inefficiencies and "fix" them. Here's some inspiration.
Make a list of energy saving house "rules."
Make a solar cooker and cook some hot dogs!

Monday: Ecology
Read The Salamander Room .
Discuss what animals need to survive (LAWS: land, air water, and sunlight)

Tuesday: Endangered Animals
Read The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest
Watch FernGully: The Last Rainforest
Learn more about a favorite endangered animal.

Wednesday: Nature's Recyclers: Decomposers
Learn more about decomposers here, here and here.
Go on a decomposer hunt. (We recently discovered a very decomposed bird and some mushrooms in our yard, lucky us!)

Thursday: Field trip to the library/environmental center.

Friday: Catch-up/Clean-up
Also to do maybe perhaps:
Watch Schoolhouse Rock: Earth.
Play some recycling games.
Read Miss Rumphius. (and scatter some lupine seed)
See the new Earth movie.

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