18 April 2009

Food & Nutrition Week in Review

We finally settled down to some normalcy and finished up our food and nutrition plans. It was great fun, especially since Gracie did a lot of the cooking this week! Pretend Soup was the perfect cookbook to use for a beginning reader and cook. Each recipe has a grown-up page of directions and then a kid page of directions with pictures to make it easy to follow. We did some other things besides cook (you can see the plans here), but really, the food was the fun part! Here's our lunch of Pretend Soup and Noodle Pudding along with the proud chef! Amaryllis enjoyed all the participating (eating) she got to do in school this week! Here's Bright Pink Fruit Dip. Yes, that's really the name, and yes, Gracie chose it because of the name!
Gracie was proud of the Salad Bar she created. Can you tell her mom is a blogger?

A great story we read was One Grain Of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale. We acted out the first week that happens in the story, and then we just couldn't keep up anymore! Gracie also loved Strega Nona .

We played with our food a bit by making a food mosaic using beans, lentils and colored rice.

Gracie says, "I like to cook. My favorite was Oatmeal Surprise without raisins. And I like Peekaboo Muffins. Strawberries are my favorite food." (Both those recipes are also from Pretend Soup.)

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  1. Look at her taking pictures! Too sweet! I remember Chicken Soup - the boys enjoyed that when they were younger. How did you make the dip?