18 April 2009

Book of the Week: Miss Rumphius

If you've read any childrens' books at all, you've probably come across some of Barbara Cooney's work, since she's written or illustrated more than 200 of them. The Ox-Cart man and Roxaboxen are two of her more well-known titles. But I'm all about Miss Rumphius today. It's a perfect story for the upcoming Earth Day. (You'll see it my plans for our Earth Day theme coming up.) Miss Rumphius has three dreams: to go to faraway places, to live beside the sea, and to make the world more beautiful. You'll be challenged to make the world a more beautiful place in your own unique way. And if you're lucky enough to have them around, you'll have a new appreciation for all the wild lupines (which is the same thing as a bluebonnet, by the way) that are everywhere, dotting the sides of roads and vacant lots.

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