06 April 2009

Food week gone awry!

Last week was a wacky week. We started a bit off because of Greg's weekend away. That meant that Monday became recovery day for all of us. Then Tuesday was Amaryllis's birthday and a visit to Color Me Mine with friends, Wednesday we met with Gracie's teacher, Thursday was a field trip to the Long Beach aquarium, and Friday we recovered from the field trip and prepared for a Amaryllis's birthday party that evening. If you want to know how to mess up your schedule and not follow all your well-made plans, just follow the example of my week!

So we're starting the week a bit behind, but hopefully we won't have as many interuptions as last week. But isn't that the beauty of homeschooling? I love having the ability to have a "free" or "easy" day every now and then, especially on days that I know simply aren't going to be that productive!

So here's a little look into our week. I just love aquarium pictures!
This funny looking guy is very appropriately called a turkey fish!
And here's our little birthday girl! Can't believe she's three! Notice her crayon cake. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out!


  1. Happy Birthday to You! What a great pic of the aquarium. Love the cake - she is one happy, adorable cutie pie
    I love that about home schooling too - I was having a exhausted day after spending the weekend decluttering and let the boys slack on math and spanish. Not worried about it though. :)

  2. What a great cake. And the aquarium pic was awesome, too. I wish we had an aquarium nearby.