04 May 2009

Native American Theme Unit Plans

Goals for the week:
Know that different tribes lived in different places and in different ways.
Name 3 Native American tribes.
Explain 3 skills/crafts Native Americans used.

Monday: Overview
Create a KWL chart
Read North American Indian (DK Eyewitness Books)
Look at map of tribal areas.
Introduce chart (similar to this) comparing different tribes.

Tuesday: Pueblo Tribe
Read Arrow to the Sun: A Pueblo Indian Tale
Write color poetry.*
Make coil pot.
Read When Clay Sings
Adobe art project.*
Add Pueblo info to chart.

Wednesday: Navajo Tribe
Watch video about Navajo weaving.
Find examples of Navajo weaving online.
Do weaving.*
Add Navajo info to chart.

Thursday: Commanche Tribe
Read The Legend of the Bluebonnet and Legend of the Indian Paintbrush.
Make a tepee model and tepee cupcakes.
Watch a buffalo hunt.
Make buffalo skin pictographs.*
Add Commanche info to chart.

Friday: Tlingit
Read Totem Pole
Make Totem pole.*
Add Tlingit info to chart.

Monday: Ojibway/Chippewa
Read Dreamcatcher.
Make dreamcatcher.*
Read Hiawatha.
Add Ojibway/Chippewa info to chart.

Tuesday: Pocahontas
Read DK Readers: The Story of Pocahontas (Level 2: Beginning to Read Alone).
Watch Pocahontas (10th Anniversary Edition).
Compare and contrast book and movie.

Wednesday: Native Americans Today
Read Totem Pole
Read Pueblo Storyteller

Thursday: Field trip to the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum.

Friday: Catch up/Clean-up

*activities from Native Americans Thematic Unit

Other possibilities include:
Read Rainbow Crow (Dragonfly Books) and some art inspired by it.
Looking at these great kid-created projects!
Learning about Sacagawea.
Lots of info and lesson plans on different tribes here.

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