07 May 2009

Preschool Activity: Mini-writing center

One of the best tools I have added to my arsenal of independent preschool activities is this great little kit. One side is a dry erase board that is also magnetic. The other side is a chalkboard that opens up to hold a bag of chalk and an eraser (these were not included) and a bag of magnetic letters and numbers (which were included, minus the bag). No dry erase markers for her just yet, thank you very much! The best thing about this activity is that it feels very school-y, which makes my 3-year-old feel very "big" and thus loves it. At this point she spends most of her time matching the magnetic letters to the letters printed around the edges of the board. As she gets older she can advance to more complex skills like writing letters and making words.

Oh, and did I mention the best part? I found it at Big Lots for a price that I can't remember exactly, but I'm sure was less than $10. My frugal self rejoices!

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