12 May 2009

Stop Teaching Reading!

This is an amazing video that I found very enlightening. (That's probably just because of the teacher blood in me.) I did a project for my Master's degree on the effect of students using reading strategies to increase comprehension. My results showed that there was almost no correlation whatsoever. It is very gratifying to know that someone else found similar results and that I was doing something right!

It's funny, because as a public school teacher we used a new curriculum based on using reading strategies that was going to revolutionize our students' learning. Well, it didn't. And yes, we spent half of our school day with that curriculum and very little on science or social studies. In fact no one really cared how much time we spent on science or social studies at all. And as a result the students were not very motivated, not did their test scores soar.

It seems counterintuitive to spend less time on language arts to increase test scores in language arts. I can understand why teachers and schools would be wary, but it just might work.

Thank you to The More Child for originally posting the video.

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