14 September 2009

Book of the Week: Simon and Adele

Adele & Simon is a wonderful book we found at the library a few weeks ago. I love it when I just randomly choose some books from the shelves and there is a real gem among them like this one.

First of all this book is a great child's-eye view of Paris. It's a great way to see Paris and all it's wonderful landmarks in a natural, "not teachy" setting. You can even follow the children's route through the city on the endpapers of the book.

Secondly, this book has layers. In addition to introducing your child to the monuments of Paris, there are nods to some great French artists. Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt even make a cameo appearance. (Read more at the Amazon.com review of Adele & Simon.)

Thirdly, there are I-Spy opportunities on every page. As Simon and Adele make their way home through Paris, Simon loses things as he goes. Can you find his missing item on each page?

Adele & Simon is such a wonderful and fun book. If you can't take a field trip to Paris, spending some time with Simon and Adele is the next best thing.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean by getting a surprise gem in a library mix - I LOVE when that happens!

    This one definitely sounds good! I posted about an I-spy type book too! :)

  2. This book looks great - I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Beth - I'll be back to browse more around yours again too!