25 September 2009

How to Mummify a Barbie

Learning about ancient Egypt just wouldn't be complete without making your own mummy, and mummifying a Barbie is a lot simpler, cheaper, and quicker than mummifying a chicken.

You'll need: a Barbie (of the dollar store variety), oil, spices, salt, and gauze or other cloth.
Make an embalming fluid by mixing oil and spices and spread it all over the doll.

Sprinkle the body with salt.

Roll it up in the gauze or cloth.

Tuck in some "amulets" which served as good luck charms.

Don't forget to make a mask.

Mummies Made in Egypt is a great book to go along with your study of mummies which describes the mummification process in great detail.


  1. That is awesome!! Probably smells less than the chicken, too. :]

  2. What a cool idea! I am going to put this in my "to-do" box:)

  3. We loved this activity when we did it during our Story or the World trek into ancient times!