29 September 2009

Book of the Week: Squeaking of Art

SQUEAKING OF ART, The Mice Go to the Museum is such an inspired book that you could use it as an art curriculum for a year! Ten mice wander through galleries of various themes (still-lifes, children, abstract, etc.) and ask questions. So many questions! You could spend days discussing all these questions with your children! Children will love to guess just which artwork each mouse is commenting about.

Each gallery is full of masterpiece-inspired works, and in the back of the book you'll find a helpful "cheat sheet" of information about the artist, title, and location of each piece.

This book is such a fun way to add a little more art appreciation into your children's lives, and they'll think it's just a fun book!

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  1. awesome! i'm not a fan of "preachy" books, but love books that hide real learning into them! again, one that i would not only like to check out, but would like to own!

    thanks again for joining in on the fun!

  2. Ohhh, this one looks cute! We'll definitely have to check it out.