08 June 2009

Farm Theme Unit

I'm doing a bit of backtracking and posting some theme units we did before I started Apples and Jammies. Come back on Mondays to see other theme unit plans. Here's a list of what themes to expect.
Farms are a very popular kindergarten theme, and I thought it would coincide quite nicely with the fair coming to town!Books:
(Went waaay overboard for the first week
Piggie Pie! (our favorite!)
Farmer Boy (Little House) (for reading a chapter a day)


Language Arts:
Retelling a story using flannel figures.
Compare/contrast different versions of "The Little Red Hen."
Learn about the life cycle of wheat
Match farm products to the animal/plant that produces it.
Learned baby & male/female names of animals.

Social Studies:
Learned about the different types of farms (dairy, orchards, bee-farming, etc.).
Compared farming today (from videos) to farming in history ("Farmer Boy").

Art/Life Skills:
Made homemade bread and butter

Field Trip:
Trip to the LA County Fair.
Check out the other theme units we covered in kindergarten here.

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