06 June 2009

Old-Fashioned Education

Old Fashioned Education is a homeschooling resource I ran across recently that seems like it would be a great option for those homeschooling on a seriously tight budget. It uses free online resources and library books. Many of the books used are even available to read online for free. There is a curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade, including a detailed 40 week schedule for each grade. All the planning is done for you!

I really appreciate their philosophy on buying and selling resources. It is based on Matthew 10:8, "Freely ye have received, freely give." Here's what they say in their Official Position on Buying and Selling Curriculum Resources:

"We give to others out of the abundance that God gives to us. We give
without expecting anything in return. We give because it's the right thing to
do and we want to teach our children that giving to others is something to be

Sounds like a great organization to support. Hope this is helpful!

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