11 March 2009

5 Senses: The Books

My Five Senses (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)
Reading level: 2.0
A very simple straight forward book about the five senses that would be great to use to introduce a 5 senses unit.

Reading level: 2.0
Another great introductory book about the five senses. It would be really easy to create some hand motions to go along with the text that would serve as a memory device.

Hello Ocean
Reading level 3.9
A good one to read aloud. A girl describes the ocean by using her 5 senses. Very beautifully illustrated!

Flicker Flash
Reading level: 4.4
A book of very visually appealing and cleverly written poems. The poems are about light, so this book would go well with the topic of sight. It could also be used with a unit on poetry or light, and several poems would work with a unit on space.
I Wonder Why Lemons Taste Sour: and Other Questions About the Senses

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