12 March 2009

I am one happy camper!


Even though we had some difficulties getting our curriculum, this afternoon was like Christmas! This is why I enrolled Gracie in a public charter school...all the free stuff! Can you see all the yummy educational goodness? And not just boring workbooks (although there are a few of those), but fun, hands-on, getting outside and learning kind of stuff!

Here's what we got:
  • Art supplies (tempera paints, brushes, large paper and a small journal which will be Gracie's nature journal for more nature walks.
  • Saxon math grade 1 (I though we might start this early, but so far both K and 1st grade books are very much tied to the calendar so it's a bit difficult to go at a pace different than that. Not impossible, but I decided we really don't need to be in a rush).
  • Explode the Code Book 2 (Basic phonics workbook)
  • Several theme unit guides
  • A Native American box from Lakeshore
  • Insect box from Lakeshore
  • Insect and bird field and activity guides
  • Bug magnifier
  • Binoculars
  • Owl pellet dissection kit
  • And my favorite...a butterfly pavilion. We'll be sending away for our caterpillars tomorrow!

Can you tell I plan on doing a lot of nature studies? So fun! And just in time for bird week next week! Woo hoo!


  1. Wow, that's an impressive curricula! Can I ask what public charter school you are using? How do you make up your own unit studies with a public charter school?

    I thought about this option, but I have loads of leftover curriculum from homeschooling my older two children. Also, I love to use free resources on the internet, they're definately more updated than any textbook.

    Since my daughter is labeled with learning disabilities (I call it LD for learning DIFFERENTLY). I didn't think charter school would work for us.

  2. We go through Sky Mountain Charter School, which gives me a lot of freedom in choosing curriculum, what I teach, and how I teach. I do report to an ES (Education Specialist) once a month and show a few work samples and talk about what we've done. It's been a very good fit for us.