03 March 2009

Happy Oobleck Day!

Enough of the cat. Bartholomew is where it's at.
(I think I've a read a few too many!)
Here's some things to do that go along with "Bartholomew and the Oobleck"
  • To make oobleck, mix cornstarch and water, a little at a time. If it's too runny, add more cornstarch until it's "ooblified." We added green food coloring because it's green in the book.
  • Make a weather wheel. Cut out a circle from cardstock and divide it into 4 equal quarters. Label them rain, sunshine, fog and snow. Draw or cut out a picture to go with each picture. Make an arrow and attach it to the center with a brad. The student can use it ti give a daily "weather report."
  • Search for all the musical instruments in this book. (I found a whistle, a bell, and a horn.) Make your own instrument (here's some ideas) and experiment with it. Does it work when it's wet? What prevents it from making a sound? Can the tone change? Can it be louder or softer?
  • Have your kids write about or draw a new kind of weather that they would create. (I imagine there will be a lot of sweets falling from the sky!)
  • Create a still life with oobleck. This idea from Art Projects for Kids would look just like a bunch of objects covered in oobleck if you used green instead of white paint!
  • Bible connection: This story reminds me of 2 Samuel 12 when Nathan the prophet confronts King David about his sin. David had made a huge mess, not of oobleck, but a huge mess nonetheless. And David apologized. His mess didn't go away as easily as the oobleck. There were consequences that remained. But David was forgiven. A good story to teach your kids. Just please don't ask me how to explain all the adult themes. Rubber duckies seemed to work, though!

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