26 March 2009

Bird Week in Review

Here's how we finished our second week studying birds. It was a good one!

Monday: We took a field trip to a local bird farm and had fun watching and even talking to some more tropical bird varieties. They don't allow pictures, but Gracie did a great job sketching a canary that she saw. We worked on having her draw what she actually saw, rather than what she thought she should see. For example, she gave the bird two eyes at first, even though the bird was sitting in profile to us. The leg behind the tail is an example of that. All that said, I thought it was pretty good for a kindergartener!We also saw some turkeys there who were nice enough to give us one of their feathers!


We watched a video called How Birds Eat by Ron Goor that we checked out from the local library. It looks kind of homemade and cheesy, but I was really impressed by the quality. There was saome impressive footage and the content covered a wide variety of bird species and their beak adaptations. The link on the DVD case didn't work, but if you can find this movie, grab it. Ron Goor did another movie on insects that is available from our local library that I plan on using during our insect theme.


I modified a Bird Beak Activity showing how different beaks are better adapted to get certain kinds of food. So amazing how God planned out all those little details! I wrote about the activity in more detail here.


We invited some fellow homeschoolers over to dissect owl pellets. How many of you can say you've received an invitation like that! How many of you really want to?! My friend Becky was very brave and eventually even touched the bones with her bare hands. Good job, Becky! And here is the nest Gracie made last week that used up all of our glue. You can find directions here. Golf ball egg not included.


Oops! We were supposed to do school today? Would I have my kids skip school? Well, we did have a little bit of drama because Greg left to go on a weekend mission trip to Mexico. That has put everyone a bit over the edge and prone to tears. While we were at the park I did have Gracie make a map of the playground . Our themes this month have been a little science heavy and I need to turn in some social studies work next week when we meet with Gracie's teacher. Is that cheating? Well kind of. But I'm okay with that!

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  1. Mmmmm, owl pellets! Sounds like fun, seriously we would have enjoyed it :)

  2. My kids loved doing owl pellets last year!

  3. Owl pellets are so much fun! Looks like another great week of bird study.

  4. I love the hands on activities you do! How interesting. Um...I might be a little be squeamish about owl pellets...if I do think it's cool. lol!

  5. We loved doing the owl pellets. I love the picture your kindergartener drew. Great job.. another fun week!

  6. owl puke kit arrived Friday On schedule for first nice day