27 July 2009

Shapes Theme Unit


The Dot
The Shape Game
The Silly Story of Goldie Locks and the Three Squares
Shapes at Home: Learning to Recognize Basic Geometric Shapes


Make Tangram pictures
Create patterns with different shapes
Introduce symmetry
Make shapes on geoboards
Sort shapes by characteristics

We went on a geometry walk and took pictures of the shapes we had learned (Square, triangle, rectangle, circle, oval, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, cube, cone, and sphere).

Here's triangle:
We happened to have a fairly good hexagon shape in a stepping stone:

I drew these shapes onto construction paper to be pages in a mini-book. Gracie cut out the shapes, glued the pictures onto the pages, and traced the shape within the picture.

The other really cool thing we did was create a geometric hut out of rolled newspapers. It lasted about a week. Not too shabby!

Bible: Stumped me! Anyone else have some inspiration?

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  1. For me when it comes to adding bible into a unit study, I sometimes utilize synonyms that I know will show up in my concordance- in this instance I can think of "FORM" or you can discuss our God has created a Jesus shaped hole in each of our hearts and ask her just what she thinks that shape looks like.
    PS We are going to try out that geometric hut too sometime this week!

  2. Good idea! Sometimes it's hard to think outside the box!