08 July 2009

Free Art

One of my goals for homeschooling is to introduce my children to art of all varieties shapes and sizes. As a result, I was planning a trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art this summer. Being ever frugal, I rejoiced at the free admission for children under 17, but winced at the $12 adult admission. I looked into the free days (second Tuesday of the month) but they didn't fit very well with our scheduled and they're usually pretty crowded. I dug a little deeper and found Nexgen LACMA, a free membership for kids. What's so great about that, when kid's admission is free anyway? Well, Nexgen membership includes a free adult admission with each Nexgen member. Do you get that? We can go to the museum for free any time we want! It seemed a little to good to be true, but the kids received their membership cards in the mail today. I think we'll head there soon!

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