21 July 2009

Teacher Prep

I just picked up The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home at the library this morning and am amazed at the wealth of resources it contains. The version I checked out is from 1999, so it's a bit dated, but there is an updated version printed earlier this year. This might be one to add permanently to my bookshelf!

I started reading during nap time and found some inspiring little gems:

On teaching K-4 children:

Fill their minds and imagination with images and concepts, pictures and
stories. Spread knowledge out in front of them, and let them feast.
On first grade life science (but could easily be substituted with any subject):

The purpose of the first-grade notebook is not to "complete" the study of
life on earth somehow.
It's to develop the child's curiosity,
research skills, reading and writing skills, and concentration span. Your
goal is simple: when biology comes around again in fifth grade, you want to
hear your child say, "Oh, good. I love biology!"

On socialization:
Positive socialization is all about living in your world responsibly, fulfilling
your potential, taking advantage of opportunity, making the lives of others
around you better. You don't need the institutional school to teach these values
to your child.


  1. On socialization - just Brilliant. I am going to search my library for this one.

  2. Just found your blog today and I am enjoying all of your themed ideas. Thanks!!