26 January 2009

ABC book: ABC

Each week we focus on one letter of the alphabet. We do a couple of things with this letter.

This is the letter we practice printing throughout the week. (I get printing worksheets here and here.)

First, we fill up a bucket with items starting with that letter that we have found in the house. We have an initial hunt, but inevitably we add to it throughout the week. At the end of the week we take a picture of these items.

We also make a letter out of something that starts with the letter. We made a b out of beans, for example. I three-hole punch each page and put them into a simple 3-ring folder, making Gracie's own ABC book! (I might need to graduate to a binder. Our folder is getting pretty full!

Once we finish the alphabet I plan to attach the pictures of the objects on the page opposite the letter to complete our book and have a fun resource and keepsake our school year!

A is for Animals. Gracie made an animal collage, but sadly, gave it away before I decided to make an ABC book.

B is for beans.

C is for circles.

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