29 January 2009

Chinese New Year: Activities

Language Arts:

Compare The Lion Dancer with Why Rat Comes First and discuss realistic fiction vs. fantasy. (LA.R.3.1)


We made this book and practiced writing, too.

Make pictures with tangrams (MG 2.1, 2.2)


Explain that the Chinese New is determined by the moon. Keep a moon journal. Draw a picture of the moon at least once a week for a month and observe the changes. (S 4a, 4e)

Compare and contrast the lion of the lion dance to a real lion. (S2b)

Social Studies:

Learn to identify China on a map. (SS.K.4.2)

Ancestry is an important part of the New Year celebration. Make a family tree of your own.


Make a scroll with simple Chinese characters like the ones here.

Make a dragon like this one.


Create your own dragon dance with your handmade dragon, a scarf, or a piece of ribbon. (PE 1.10)


Have a Chinese New year feast with your favorite dishes or try some new ones. The ingredients for these are in my fridge right now!

Go to Chinese New Year parade or celebration. We'll be going to this on Saturday.

Check out youtube.com for really cool lion dances like this one.

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