14 January 2009

Transportation: Bible Connections

I am trying to incorporate more Bible connections into the themes we're covering this year.

We played a matching game by sorting the Bible character according to the type of transportation used. I made a 3 by 3 grid and wrote in each box a method of transportation: ark, boat, camel, chariot, donkey, marching, whale/big fish, walking, walking on water. Then I read off the list of Biblical characters and had Gracie tell me what kind of transportation they used. And yes, a lot of people walked in Biblical times, let me tell you! Some are just a little more associated with that mode of travel. Gracie was unfamiliar with several of these stories, so it was a great opportunity to read them to her.







Whale/big fish


Walking on water

  • Balaam: donkey
  • The disciples: boat, walking (especially on the road to Emmaus)
  • Egyptians: chariots (pursuing the Israelites)
  • Israelites: walking (wandering in the wilderness)
  • Jesus: walking on water, boat, donkey (entering Jerusalem)
  • Jonah: big fish/whale
  • Joseph (with the coat of many colors): camel (with the caravan to Egypt)
  • Joshua: marching (around Jericho)
  • Mary: donkey
  • Noah: ark
  • Paul: boat (to Rome)
  • Philip and the Ethiopian: chariot
  • Wise men: camels (not Biblical that I could find, but traditional)

    I'd like to also have a memory verse that goes along with our theme, but that isn't too "out there." Judges 5:10 is nice and all, but not quite memory verse material for a 5-year-old! I'll try again with the next theme!

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