10 January 2009

Transportation: Activities

Language Arts

  • Create a transportation ABC book. (A is for airplane, etc.) Use magazine pictures, drawings, or downloaded images plus a simple sentence or word. We did Q is for quarterhorse, X is for Xterra, and Z is for zeppelin. Any other ideas? (K W1.1)

Match transportation pictures to word cards. We used a lot of the pictures from this activity for our ABC book.

Use transportation pictures (again) and sort by characteristic. (i.e. number of wheels, number of passengers, etc.)(K R1.17)

Social Studies

  • Take a bus ride. Just a loop around town can be exciting to a public transportation novice.

  • Check out youtube to see some unique modes of transportation in action like unicycles, dogsleds, and the space shuttle.
  • Create a map of your neighborhood or a made-up one including road signs and significant places. (SS K.4.4)

  • Talk to a local train buff (grandpa is ours!) for more info than you could imagine!
  • Look for various types of vehicles while on the road. We saw a truck hauling a load of grapefruit and a tanker truck. Horse trailers, cement trucks, oversize loads can make for some great teachable moments.
  • Discuss transportation methods used in other parts of the world (gondolas, elephants, rickshaws, etc.).
  • Discuss earlier versions of transportation methods used in other time periods (biplanes, steam trains, early cars, etc.)


  • Have a race event using toy cars. Engage some scientific curiosity by changing some variables. Tip a board or flat piece of cardboard to change the angle of the race surface or add a blanket to change the texture of the race surface.


Introduce counting by twos or fours by figuring out the number of wheels on a group of bicycles or cars.

  • Other

Make a stop sign model, both with paper and red, green, and yellow M&Ms on a frosted graham cracker!

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