21 January 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Resources

We love making mini-books! Here is a cute “teeny tiny book” about MLK.

Lots of good ideas for kindergarten lessons including books to read can be found here.

Celebrating the election of our first African-American president is an appropriate way to honor the work of MLK. The Crafty Crow has some great ideas for an Obama inaugural party.

Another mini-book. This one is about famous African-Americans and their achievements. We used this one for our paper quilt.

Ruby Bridges is a great movie that builds some background knowledge of the civil rights movement. This movie is not rated, but I found it to be appropriate for my kindergartener. There were definitely some hateful words and racial slurs in the movie, but I think it is important to the message of the movie. Be sure to watch this one with your kids and pause at crucial moments to discuss things with them.

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