12 February 2009

Abraham Lincoln: Activities

Language Arts:

Write a letter to the president just like Grace Bedell (in Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers) did. What advice would you give him? (LA.W 1.1)

Read a book by candlelight just like Lincoln did when he was a boy. (LA.R.1.9)


Do math with chalk on the back of a shovel like Lincoln did as a boy. (M.NS 2.1)

Have a money scavenger hunt and try to find Lincoln on a coin and a bill. Take a closer look at the other people, symbols, and monuments represented on different coins and bills.

Social Studies (K.6.1):

Look at a map of the United States and find Lincoln's birthplace (Kentucky), and boyhood home (Illinois) and other significant places in his life. (SS.K.4.2)

Make a list of some of qualities in Abraham Lincoln that made him so admired. (SS.K.1.2)


Abraham Lincoln had lots of pets. Think of a pet you have, someone else has, or you would like to have. What would it need to be healthy and happy? (SS.K.2.a)


Build a log cabin with pretzel sticks and frosting or glue popsicle sticks to a box.

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