09 February 2009

Abraham Lincoln: The books

While these are all great books, they all required a bit of background info. I would recommend starting with a very basic biography like this one, especially for a kindergartener who has no substantial previous knowledge of Abraham Lincoln's life or accomplishments.

Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers by Karen Winnick

A really cute story based on actual letters written in 1860. An eleven-year old girl's suggestion helped Abraham Lincoln win the election! Vocabulary: railsplitter, whiskers, suggestion.

A. Lincoln and Me by Louise Borden

A boy is inspired to learn more about Abraham Lincoln since they share a birthday as well as other characteristics. Vocabulary: beanpole, signature.

Abe Lincoln Loved Animals by Ellen Jackson

A great one for animal lovers! This book is based on stories told by friends and family of Abraham Lincoln, and although their accuracy cannot be verified, there seems to be a consistency showing Lincoln's care for animals. Vocabulary: cruelty, pardon.

Presidents by James Barber

I love Eyewitness Books. Definitely above my daughter's level, but it's so packed with pictures that it hardly matters. My daughter had fun flipping through the pages and laughing at the silly hairstyles! Chester A. Arthur definitely wins the prize for wackiest facial hair!

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