06 February 2009

Chinese New Year: Bible Connections

At the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown we saw lots of red, which is said to drive away the evil spirits. We read Mark 5:1-20 , the story of Jesus healing a demon-possessed man and learned what God can do with evil spirits.
We made a changing picture book following these directions. On one side we drew words representing the man before he met Jesus. On the other side we drew words showing how he was after he met Jesus. It's a really visual way to see the change in a person after they have met Jesus.

I didn't cover this in school with Gracie, but I thought it was worth sharing. In college, a professor taught me about some Chinese characters that amazingly reflected stories from the Bible. This explains it much better than I can. Isn't it amazing to see God at work across continents, across cultures, and across centuries!

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