18 February 2009

Abraham Lincoln: Bible Connections

We've been having some very practical issues with honesty (or lack thereof) this week, so it's perfect that we're studying about ol' Honest Abe. We are going to read several Bible stories that deal with the issue of dishonesty and its consequences. We will read the Bible story, look at the actions of each person and see what effect the action had on them and on others around them. I also wanted to look at the motivation for each person's dishonesty and discuss alternative actions in the light of such motivations.

Here's a copy of the worksheet available for you to print out and use. I also have my answer sheet, which obviously may differ from yours.

Honesty Bible Worksheet

Bible story



Why did they do it?

What should they have done?

Genesis 12: 10-20

Abram lies about Sarai being his wife.

Pharaoh makes them leave Egypt.


Told the truth and trusted God to keep them safe.

Joshua 7

Achan stole some things that were for the Lord's house.

Israel lost a battle.

Achan and his family were stoned and burned.


Realize he would appreciate the things more seeing them in God's house, rather than buried in his tent.

Acts 5: 1-11

Ananias and Sapphira kept some money for the church for themselves and lied about it.

They fell down and died.


Told the truth about what they gave.

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