24 February 2009

Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book

Write about your nighttime/before bed routine. Make it a list, a paragraph, or a mini-book.

Create your own news reports from home. What's going on today? Make a video of the news report performance.

Write word-form numbers in number form

Search a globe and figure out possible locations of the Audio-Telly-o-Tally-o Count machine halfway between Reno and Rome.

Make a tally chart and keep track of recurring events such as phone calls, cars driving by, a certain word said.

Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook has several recipes based on this book. Make Moose Juice, Goose Juice, Biggel-Balls, and Hoop-Soup-Snoop Group Potato Soup.

Make a list of nocturnal (nighttime) vs. diurnal (daytime) animals. We played guess the nocturnal animal with these sounds.

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