13 February 2009

Jelly Telly rocks!

Jelly Telly is my newest favorite thing. I heard about it a few weeks ago and have been trying to incorporate it into our school day. It's been working really well as a motivational tool. When Gracie has finished all her other school we get to watch Jelly Telly.
So what is Jelly Telly? A free daily online show that's kind of like Sesame Street in that it's comprised of short clips of various features, but it's definitely got content geared for elementary school age. Don't tell my two-year-old. She loves it! The features include old science films revamped, sports tips, and songs teaching the Bible. This one on Judges is my favorite so far...

I love that it combines faith and science so beautifully. It contains sometimes complex scientific knowledge while maintaining a strong Biblical focus . And a lot of fun, too! It's all good, educational stuff and I feel confident letting my kids watch it. Did I mention it's made by the creators of VeggieTales? And like VeggieTales, there's humor geared towards me that my kids just don't get yet. So I can watch it and not go nuts. I appreciate that!
Here's a little more, just for fun...

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