06 February 2009

Hundredth Day!

I'm jealous! I never had a hundredth day party! But that teaching concept wasn't invented until 1981. (It pays to read the back page of a book.) And yes, I went to kindergarten before that, but not much before! But it's such a great idea. A fun way to teach counting and place value and have a party all in one!
There are so many good hundredth day books out there, too! My favorite was this one:There are so many great learning directions to go with this book. It reviews the alphabet (note the student's names each start with a different letter) and has great activity ideas to celebrate the hundredth day, including fun recipes. We used what we had on hand and made this:This was a fun book, too. Be warned, there's an entry for each of Emily's 100 days, so it's not a quick read! But it is a lot of fun, even if it takes a couple of sittings.
Gracie wanted to know if we would have a thousandth day party, too. A great idea in theory, but I doubt I'll be able to keep track for that long. That should be in the middle of fourth grade. Will Gracie actually be in the fourth grade someday? It's hard to imagine!

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