23 February 2009

Fox in Socks

March 2nd is the birthday of Theodore Seuss Geisel and has been proclaimed Read Across America Day in his honor. We're beginning our celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday a bit early. We'll be spending the next two weeks giggling and delighting over the wonderful words of Dr. Seuss. We began with Fox in Socks because it happened to coincide so nicely with our letter of the week, X.

  • Word sort with –ox and –ocks words (-ox words: box, fox, pox, ox; -ocks words: socks, rocks, blocks, tocks, clocks) We also made a third category for –alks words that also rhyme like talks and walks)

  • Practice making new words by using word families found in the book (-ick, -ose, -ame, -ue/-oo/-ew).

  • Read the book as Reader's Theater. Newer readers can take the words of Knox. Reading the part of the fox is no easy task!

  • Reading these tongue twisters in an effort to master them is a great way to get in some good fluency practice.

  • Make your own tongue twisters. Start with a word chain, altering one letter or sound in the word and try to make a sentence out of them. For example: boat… goat… moat can become the "A goat is in a boat in the moat."

  • Cut out paper socks. Decorate, creating pairs of socks. Play memory or match socks quickly, beating a timer.

  • If you are very brave, make your own band broom parade. It can become a direction following exercise. Give directions like play loudly or quietly, hop on one foot, or walk backwards.

  • Make a sentence game at Seussville.com

  • Learn more about foxes.

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